The Hugo Poncho

What a nice way to use up some old stash! Bought too much Malabrigo in 2008 – ‘Bout time I get to it!

Found the Hugo Poncho, which is a great FREE pattern, and knew I had to make it. It’s the kind of project that makes for good TV knitting. I deviate to other things from time to time, but I hope to use up my <1300 yds in stash and complete it this season. It's perfect for a Florida winter garment. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="575"]Hugo PonchoHugo Poncho[/caption]


  • Wendy Turcotte
    November 16, 2014 - 6:35 pm | Permalink

    Hi Michelle Just wondering if you could help me the this pattern. I am fairly new to knitting and am unsure on how to do the Cable A – slip one stitch, knit one, knit slipped stitch in back of work. I am not sure exactly how to do this.(I asked my Mom who is a long time knitter and she wasn’t sure how to do this wither) Do I slip the left hand stitch onto the right needle knit wise or purl wise? I would then do one regular knit stitch. Now what and how do I knit that slipped stitch in back of stitch (and also in front of work for second part) Thank you for any help you may be able to give me towards this project..

    • Michelle B
      November 17, 2014 - 12:32 am | Permalink

      Hi, This stitch confused me also, but this is how I did it.
      Slip 1st stitch (purl-wise always) hold in BACK, knit the next stitch, then knit stitch from cable needle.
      Slip 3rd stitch (purl-wise always) hold in FRONT, knit the next stitch, then knit stitch from cable needle.
      Cable completed. 🙂

      • Wendy Turcotte
        November 18, 2014 - 5:36 pm | Permalink

        Thank you Michelle. I will give it a try this evening (on some scrap yarn first) hopefully I have success.

  • Carolyn
    November 17, 2014 - 4:12 pm | Permalink

    Hi Michelle, I also have a question about this pattern. After I complete the first section, (rows 1,2,A,B) and start the next section it says to make row 1 and 2 once and A and B 25 more times. Do I knit 1 and 2 one time only and then A and B 25 times? Or do I knit 1,2,A,B in that order 25 times? I want to do this right the first time! Thanks for any assistance.

    • Michelle B
      November 17, 2014 - 11:01 pm | Permalink

      Hi! Yes, you do this” Do I knit 1 and 2 one time only and then A and B 25 times?” and after a few repeats, you’ll know just what to do. It’s easily memorized. You’re only doing your cable stitches on one row or doing your increases on the other.

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