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Aqua Peasant Shawl

This was a project I hoped to make on a recent car trip we went on, but I was too car sick and nothing was helping this time. The yarn is Wo [...]

The Ladrada Shawl

Never having made a shawl from the edge up, I decided to give this one a go. This is the Ledrada Shawl by Mer Almagro made in Wollmeise. The [...]

Burgundy Wine

Crocheted in Wollmeise lace and the pattern is from Bernadette Ambergen. [...]

Wollmeise collecting

I’ll call it ‘collecting’ because I have a plan for it and I keep it neat. Since the vendor will only let you buy one skei [...]

Wollmeise colors are divine

I just can’t help it. When someone says, “Wollmeise.” I say, “Yes, please.” This stuff has colors I’ve n [...]
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