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Sewing with scraps and fat quarters

Like most people who craft, you have extra. Extra leftover bits of pretty much everything. For me, it’s usually fabric and small balls [...]

And away it goes…..

A gift bag completes the gift and off it goes to the birthday girl. Hope she likes it. [...]

Sewing classes

I took a month of sewing classes and made some interesting things… Some washable lunch bags so I can find my lunch in the sea of groce [...]

Apron Along…

A few friends are into canning and cooking. Though I’m not quite the domestic diva I wish to be, but I am rather good at ruining my ou [...]

Sewing some project bags…

A woman at my knit night shared a link to the sweetest pattern to make a nice project bag! They really are fast, and the pattern has more de [...]

A studio for moi

Sadly my son moved to his own place near the college, but happily I was able to reclaim the space for myself. Purl keeps me company… T [...]
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