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A few more stitch markers…

Some stitch markers, went up in the Etsy shop… [...]

Black Cherry Scarf

I tend to make some of the same things over and over and that’s when I know people might also enjoy the pattern. If I can’t make [...]

Blossomy Scarf Pattern

The Blossomy scarf has 2 fun motifs, a very simple body and so much elegance. Shown is fingering weight and sock yarns to make the scarf pic [...]

Olive Juice

Do you know this phrase? I think you do. Whisper it…again…sexier… LOL 😉 Anyway, I love this yarn, color and yardage. Th [...]

A litttle paper crafting

I needed something to mount my stitch markers on, so I asked Amy and Darlene about paper tags and they make it sound so simple. I decided to [...]
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