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Myrna Mouse Goes to Dublin

Well, I did it. I finally made a toy and I am in LOVE with her. She traveled with me to visit family in Dublin and she’s hoping to go [...]

Instead of a card…

For co-workers, neighbors and friends. A little something more than a card. Hope you’re having fun getting ready for Christmas, too. [...]

Camp Loopy 2014

I always look forward to Camp Loopy, but this year, between school and side projects, making gifts and so many family commitments – I [...]

Dishcloth mania

Decided to try to de-stash some leftover cotton and make some dishcloths for friends and upcoming gifts I’m going to need. The knit on [...]

Dishcloths on a train

I decided to try taking the train 2 days a week to school. I save $20 a day doing this. I can knit/crochet all I like Saves on the wear and [...]

Well Dressed Whiskey

We were headed to a grown-up’s birthday party, with whiskey in mind for our gift, but wanted to wrap it in a unique way. Found the Cab [...]

Back home, safe and sound

I’m home from my recent trip north to visit my sister and her family. We had a nice time making paper craft tags and packaging for my [...]

Going to visit my sister

I have some downtime, so I’m going to visit my sister for just a couple of days. We have a nice time. She papercrafts and I fibercraft [...]

Sewing with scraps and fat quarters

Like most people who craft, you have extra. Extra leftover bits of pretty much everything. For me, it’s usually fabric and small balls [...]

Ireland in the summer

We just returned from a bus tour and family visit in Ireland. People ask where we went, and it’s more like, where didn’t we go? [...]

A year of Shawls

Year 3 …………… Year 2 …………… Year 1 …………… [...]

A Christmas Poem for Knitters

I’m not a poet, but I just wanted to share my poem. I think it sums up that rush for the finish we all seem to share this time of year [...]

Crocheted Basketball Net

Our basketball net from Sports Authority lasted @ 1 month and fell apart I was irritated to say the least. Sub par product   This I fou [...]

Playing in the China Hutch

During a recent visit to my father’s he mentioned a dish set he wanted to part with that came off his sailboat, which he no longer has [...]

Welcome Zoey

We have a new addition to our family since last Saturday from Fur Angels Rescue – Meet Zoey. She’s so sweet and gentle, I can [...]

Merry Christmas from MyDailyFiber!

I’m on a bit of a hiatus now doing other things for the holidays, like baking, decorating and traveling. Early, I know, but I don̵ [...]

Guinness mini cupcakes and Bailey’s frosting

We’re having a potluck at work and I wanted to try an Irish recipe. I found this recipe but left out the ganache filling, since the mi [...]

Angry Birds Sombrero

No pattern – These are basically hackey sacks and embellishments were added using crochet, embroidery, felt and wiggly eyes. I tried a [...]

Sewing classes

I took a month of sewing classes and made some interesting things… Some washable lunch bags so I can find my lunch in the sea of groce [...]


I received a little package today with some old items that have been in my family for a while. They sure are interesting – especially [...]

Apron Along…

A few friends are into canning and cooking. Though I’m not quite the domestic diva I wish to be, but I am rather good at ruining my ou [...]

My very first felted hat!

This experience was far better than I expected. First, I took a needle felting class down at the Knitting Garden in Coral Gables, FL. This s [...]

Sewing some project bags…

A woman at my knit night shared a link to the sweetest pattern to make a nice project bag! They really are fast, and the pattern has more de [...]

A studio for moi

Sadly my son moved to his own place near the college, but happily I was able to reclaim the space for myself. Purl keeps me company… T [...]
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