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The Ladrada Shawl

Never having made a shawl from the edge up, I decided to give this one a go. This is the Ledrada Shawl by Mer Almagro made in Wollmeise. The [...]

Basketweave baby blanket

This is just a simple basket weave blanket for a co-worker, due in August. The yarn is Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly from Michaels in a [...]

Espresso Shawl

This is for me, the Holden Shawlette in Malabrigo sock inn a rich brown called Cordovan. I did some math before I began and extended the bod [...]

Zoey’s leash

You may remember Zoey, our sweet little rescue dog who loves my knitting (she’s showed her love for it many times over). Remember her? [...]

Denim Cardigan

This has to be the most practical sweater I’ve ever made and I can’t believe the pattern was free. Yes, a free pattern. It’ [...]

Solme Cowl test

Completed this morning a test of the Solme Cowl, soon to come out from Cindy Dell. I just love all the cables and how beautiful it looks in [...]

WHO has a new Kindle Cover?

Well, I almost do. I was working on a Kindle cover pattern test for someone, and once I completed that, I thought if I changed it a little, [...]

Christmas sweater completed :)

It’s done and I wore it already. It’s dreamy and bright enough to lead Santa’s sleigh! Best part – it’s even b [...]

A Christmas sweater for me

I’m enjoying this yarn quite a bit but then, does Malabrigo make any yarn that isn’t fun to work with?     [...]

Florida Keys and knitting

I don’t know if people knit here because my public knitting, which not many people bat an eye to at home, has gotten some weird looks [...]

Christmas gift making

Trying to get a head start on done winter mittens for Christmas. One more color to go. These are Wood hollow mittens in Cascade 220 super wa [...]

South Bay Shawlette in Handspun

This shawl is practically weightless. I’m amazed. Made from the spinning wheel of a friend, I’m in awe of how pretty turned out. [...]

Mr. Greenjeans Cardigan – Project #3

This was a fun knit and project #3 for Camp Loopy. The requirement for this project was to use 800+ yards, so this was @900. I really enjoye [...]

Tavernier Shawl

Going to a wedding in the Florida Keys in November, and found a great dress, but wanted a matching shawl. Love this pattern (Ishbel by Ysold [...]

Christmas in July, 2011, continued

A few gift scarves are finished for Christmas, whew! But I still have a to-knit-or-crochet list a mile long. Eventually I’m hoping tha [...]

Wood Hollow Mittens (continued)

I finished the Camp Loopy challenge II and since I knit the hat for practice, the mitts knit up in no time. I hope I get to wear them, even [...]

Wood Hollow Mittens – Project #2

Camp Loopy continues and we’re about to start Project #2. My yarn arrived today and my receipt says my Trail Guide is Larry. Hope he&# [...]

Itty Bitty Baby Feet

A cousin asked if I would make socks for her soon-to-arrive baby. I honestly had nothing on the needles so how could I say no? They’re [...]

Transatlantic – Camp Loopy Project #1

After a good deal of persuasion, my knitting friend convinced me to join Camp Loopy for the summer. What a nice idea and I bet it’s a [...]

And away it goes…..

A gift bag completes the gift and off it goes to the birthday girl. Hope she likes it. [...]

Annalisa’s Shawl

This is the Ishbel Shawl, which has become a favorite for me. This is a Christmas present but I try to make those well in advance because I& [...]

Palest Pink Shawl

This is the Holden Shawl knit in Isager yarn. I really, really want to make it again in something softer, but the color (dried plaster) is r [...]

MichBelle Shawl

The Ishbel pattern from Yosolda Teague knit in Malabrigo Sock (ochre/primavera). [...]

Burgundy Wine

Crocheted in Wollmeise lace and the pattern is from Bernadette Ambergen. [...]

Iwen Shawl

This is made from the Cascading Stylish Shawl, widened the base chain by adding 2 repeats and added matte beads for the edges and 2 gold mon [...]

Artichokes and Eggplants Shawl

My ‘Artichokes and Eggplants’ shawl is really the Cabin Shawl in disguise with beads and an edging added. Download the FREE patt [...]

April Shawls

Here are 2 shawls I completed for the 11 Shawls in 2011 Challenge. These were made in Knit Picks yarns and they have them currently as sampl [...]

Pink Cardigan

Ta-da! Finished the Pretty in Pink cardigan started here. The feel of this sweater and color are great. I had to get a sweater shaver becaus [...]

Smoke Ring for Christmas

Flared Smoke Ring knit in Malabrigo lace in purple mystery for a Christmas gift. I really enjoy making this pattern. Only took @ half a skei [...]

Pretty in Pink

I’m casting on the Gemma cardigan (found at KnitPicks) but I have plans to change it some. I want typical raglan sleeves so I don̵ [...]

The Pink Shawl

Hooray! I finished this shawl for a friend for her birthday. I carried it around everywhere I went and tried to work on it. I guess it took [...]

The Waltz Scarf

I started this scarf in a KAL with some friends and was using the wrong decrease for 298 rows! This is my do-over version. I hated to rip it [...]

Revontuli Shawl in Black & Red

This was a nice relaxing knit. I heard it was boring, but I found it to be nice while watching TV after the first section was completed. Too [...]

New sweater for the new job…

I landed a very nice new job, down the road and perfect hours. I know I’m a lucky duck with this crummy economy, so I’m very tha [...]

Chevron Scarf…

I’ve been working on the Chevron Scarf by Joelle Hoverson for a while and finally was able to cast off last night. I’m closing i [...]

Blue Bay Shawlette

This was a great pattern. It looks complicated and lacy but once you begin, it’s the same two rows until you lose your mind and decide [...]

Cascading Stylish Shawl – pattern

The Cascading Stylish Shawl was fun to make and adding in the various color changes of this yarn, it seemed to go rather quickly. The patter [...]

Shell Script Wrap in Crochet – pattern

The Shell Script Wrap was a personal favorite for several years and by popular request, I’ve written it out and it’s now availab [...]

My very first felted hat!

This experience was far better than I expected. First, I took a needle felting class down at the Knitting Garden in Coral Gables, FL. This s [...]

Hold me, Gustav

This is a modified table cloth pattern from an old magazine. I really like it, and hope to get a lot of use out of it.The pattern it’s [...]

Millefiori Shawl – Another Seraphina in disguise

I love this pattern and by now, I’ve made so many of these. Maybe 40 of them, but I’ve only kepy 5 for myself. They seem to be m [...]

The Cabin Shawl – a free pattern

Nice little stash buster shawl. Great for using up 2 yarn colors that are similar in weight. Yarns used for these shawls: Schoppel-Wolle Cra [...]

Crochet on through all crisis…

So off to the ER we go for a severe upper abdominal pain that has haunted me for @10 years every once in a while. I always thought it was my [...]

Daybreak shawl

I love them because they’re simple and I enjoy wearing them because they incorporate so much color into that simplicity. More of his p [...]

Socks for Jack

I finished his wool socks, after much ripping and frustration. He did receive them before his birthday, which was the goal. I have to say 5 [...]
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