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Tiny Christmas Ornament

It’s easier for me to commit to printing, painting and some minis than knitting right now with all my aches and pains, so this is a Ch [...]

Some miniature afghans

I’m truly in love with squares, especially the grannies. They bring back tons of memories of the 70’s and crocheting growing up. [...]

Ireland in the summer

We just returned from a bus tour and family visit in Ireland. People ask where we went, and it’s more like, where didn’t we go? [...]

My favorite pin to wear to dollhouse miniature shows. :)

This is a crochet/knitting basket pin I like to wear when I go to the dollhouse shows and stuff. It’s a collection of small pieces in [...]

Taking a Miniature Lunch Break

Sometimes, if it’s cool enough outside, I take my lunch break in my car under the beautiful trees in the office park where I work. Ver [...]

Miniature Diamond Exchange Scarf

Made this for one of the mannequins in a miniature LYS I’ve been making. It’s been on hold though for a long time. So many tiny [...]

Miniature Sweater

I can’t throw away scraps of handpainted yarns, so they’ll be tiny sweaters in my Dollhouse Little Yarn Shop I’m working o [...]

Just a little Housewarming Gift…

A friend of mine decided to enter the world of miniatures so I wanted to welcome her to my “little neighborhood” by making her a [...]

Just a little chilly…

I decided to make a tiny shawl, the Seraphina Shawl, for one of my dollhouse dolls who is the Grandma in one of my roomboxes. She was a kit [...]

Ridiculous levels of Mini-Dom

Something about making something small just seems whimsical and full of magic. Well once it’s done maybe, but when I cast on this tiny [...]
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