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Blossomy Scarf Pattern

The Blossomy scarf has 2 fun motifs, a very simple body and so much elegance. Shown is fingering weight and sock yarns to make the scarf pic [...]

Blossomy – a new pattern coming soon

I have a new pattern being tested right now that should be out before the month is over. It’s not a hard pattern, but has enough twist [...]

Thanksgiving may be over, but I’m still thankful

Over the years I’ve learned to simplify my Thanksgiving a bit by using more out of the box foods and enjoying the meal more. I still s [...]

Aquamarine Frill

Ok, I admit it, when I write a new pattern I make it over and over. At least you know I wouldn’t publish something I don’t enjoy [...]

Raspberry Frill

This pattern is available: Find it on Etsy Find it on Ravelry A class sample for the Knitting Garden and uses up some JoJoland Melody Superw [...]

Blocking the Plumeria Frill

A few people asked how to block the Plumeria, so here are some pictures of one being blocked. I start with a large bathsheet folded in two. [...]

Olive Juice

Do you know this phrase? I think you do. Whisper it…again…sexier… LOL ūüėČ Anyway, I love this yarn, color and yardage. Th [...]

More pattern testing, Plumeria Frill

Tried a destash version and really liking it enough to keep it for myself. The pin is one of my own creations from some mahogany found in my [...]

Plumeria Frill

New pattern – This is a scarf that can be worn many ways.¬† Wearing my scarves as cowls, I like when they’re curved enough to st [...]

Angry Birds Sombrero

No pattern – These are basically hackey sacks and embellishments were added using crochet, embroidery, felt and wiggly eyes. I tried a [...]

South Bay Shawlette in Handspun

This shawl is practically weightless. I’m amazed. Made from the spinning wheel of a friend, I’m in awe of how pretty turned out. [...]

Christmas in July, 2011, continued

A few gift scarves are finished for Christmas, whew! But I still have a to-knit-or-crochet list a mile long. Eventually I’m hoping tha [...]

Christmas in July, 2011

I have to work on my Christmas gifts year-round, or I would never get them done. From Webs, this is worsted jo-joland + Valley Yarns Stockbr [...]

Burgundy Wine

Crocheted in Wollmeise lace and the pattern is from Bernadette Ambergen. [...]

Iwen Shawl

This is made from the Cascading Stylish Shawl, widened the base chain by adding 2 repeats and added matte beads for the edges and 2 gold mon [...]

Artichokes and Eggplants Shawl

My ‘Artichokes and Eggplants’ shawl is really the Cabin Shawl in disguise with beads and an edging added. Download the FREE patt [...]

April Shawls

Here are 2 shawls I completed for the 11 Shawls in 2011 Challenge. These were made in Knit Picks yarns and they have them currently as sampl [...]

Gladiator Cowl in Crochet

A simple cowl for stash busting or showing off the beautiful colors in some of your favorite yarns. This one is done in Manos del Uruguay an [...]

Happy Bearthday!

We have a new baby (one of several) arriving soon in my family. I’ve never met this cousin, but we found each other on Facebook, She n [...]

Baby Booties

A co-worker asked me for some baby booties for a baby born into his circle of friends. I just can’t resist baby knitting, know what I [...]

Honey, I tell you!

I wasn’t sure I would find anything I wanted to make in Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl, but then I saw the Honeycomb Neckwarmer. At [...]

Split Pea Happiness

This scarf is for my niece for her 21st birthday and was made with Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca held double. The pattern is the Shell Script Wr [...]

Smoke Ring for Christmas

Flared Smoke Ring knit in Malabrigo lace in purple mystery for a Christmas gift. I really enjoy making this pattern. Only took @ half a skei [...]

Diamond Exchange Scarf Class

This class will be taught at The Knitting Garden in Coral Gables, FL – Saturday, November 20th, 2010 from 3-5pm. The class will includ [...]

The Pink Shawl

Hooray! I finished this shawl for a friend for her birthday. I carried it around everywhere I went and tried to work on it. I guess it took [...]

The Waltz Scarf

I started this scarf in a KAL with some friends and was using the wrong decrease for 298 rows! This is my do-over version. I hated to rip it [...]

A Little Easy Crochet This Weekend…

I can’t help it. I like making this scarf. This one is over 6′ long and very soft. Crocheted in Berroco Ultra Fine and Melody Su [...]

Preemie hats!

Did you know that preemies who wear hats stay warmer? It’s true. We lose body heat through our heads, so it makes sense to make preemi [...]

Chevron Scarf…

I’ve been working on the Chevron Scarf by Joelle Hoverson for a while and finally was able to cast off last night. I’m closing i [...]

Crocheting for a cause…

Having had 2 preemies, I try to give to the preemie charities whenever I can. In a group I belong to, August was declared “Preemie Mon [...]

Beaded Cascading Scarf

I just finished my beaded dressy scarf. This is a very thin yarn by Fiddlesticks Knitting called Exquisite. I love that it’s 50% mulbe [...]

Blue Bay Shawlette

This was a great pattern. It looks complicated and lacy but once you begin, it’s the same two rows until you lose your mind and decide [...]

Cascading Stylish Shawl – pattern

The Cascading Stylish Shawl was fun to make and adding in the various color changes of this yarn, it seemed to go rather quickly. The patter [...]

Shell Script Wrap in Crochet – pattern

The Shell Script Wrap was a personal favorite for several years and by popular request, I’ve written it out and it’s now availab [...]

Hold me, Gustav

This is a modified table cloth pattern from an old magazine. I really like it, and hope to get a lot of use out of it.The pattern it’s [...]

Millefiori Shawl – Another Seraphina in disguise

I love this pattern and by now, I’ve made so many of these. Maybe 40 of them, but I’ve only kepy 5 for myself. They seem to be m [...]

The Cabin Shawl – a free pattern

Nice little stash buster shawl. Great for using up 2 yarn colors that are similar in weight. Yarns used for these shawls: Schoppel-Wolle Cra [...]

Crochet on through all crisis…

So off to the ER we go for a severe upper abdominal pain that has haunted me for @10 years every once in a while. I always thought it was my [...]

Diamond Exchange Scarf – pattern

The time had come to put a personal pattern online. The Diamond Exchange Scarf is a personal fave for many years and I was lucky enough to k [...]

A litle crochet love

Today I started the Chevron Lace Cardigan by Milobo in the Caron someone gave me in a swap. Very soft. Here is the pattern. It really wasn&# [...]

Taxes and stuff

Today I am getting a gift ready for my accountant. Normally I dread the accountant, and I lose a ton of sleep at tax time. This past year I [...]
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