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Wedding Ishbel for Sarah

The Ishbel by Ysolda Teague is my go-to for special occasion gift shawls. Love this pattern. Before I know it, I’m at the lace section [...]

Halloween & Skull Stitch Markers

I just love a good set of stitch markers! I can’t help it. It’s like jewelry for my needles. I went to a local bead show and fou [...]

Sewing with scraps and fat quarters

Like most people who craft, you have extra. Extra leftover bits of pretty much everything. For me, it’s usually fabric and small balls [...]


In my effort to complete the 12 Shawls in 2013, I try to get ahead in January so I can break from shawls to make holiday gifts later in the [...]

A few more stitch markers…

Some stitch markers, went up in the Etsy shop… [...]

Some stitch markers…

I love to make stitch markers, but rarely have the time to drag it all out and get going. I really spread my crafts out when I work on somet [...]

A litttle paper crafting

I needed something to mount my stitch markers on, so I asked Amy and Darlene about paper tags and they make it sound so simple. I decided to [...]

Artichokes and Eggplants Shawl

My ‘Artichokes and Eggplants’ shawl is really the Cabin Shawl in disguise with beads and an edging added. Download the FREE patt [...]

Beginning beading

I took a class at a local bead shop last week and learned some basic techniques to beading. I had a lot of beads and some were genuine stone [...]

Beaded Cascading Scarf

I just finished my beaded dressy scarf. This is a very thin yarn by Fiddlesticks Knitting called Exquisite. I love that it’s 50% mulbe [...]
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